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About Trampoline Pads

Trampoline frame pads are a very important part of your trampoline as it is the padding that protects the user should they fall on to the framework of the trampoline. Keeping your trampolines pads up to scratch is important - if the pads have fallen apart there are obvious potential safety issues.

As with trampoline netting, trampoline padding is not of the same quality on all trampolines. As a rough guide, the more expensive the trampoline the better quality the padding will be. So what determines good and poor quality padding? Firstly, the width and thickness of the padding. The wider the pads are the greater amount of the frame and springs they will cover and the thicker they are, the more cushioning they provide should the user fall on them. The second point about padding quality is how strong the covering is. Replacement pads for a 12ft trampoline can sell for anything from £25 up to £90 and there is good reason for the price range. If the padding outer material is something such as a low grade PE, the rain and sunlight will cause it to degrade very quickly whilst if a thick grade of PVC is used, it is far more durable and will not fall apart in the British climate.

We offer two distinct grades of padding, Standard and Premium. As reflected by the long warranty that we offer on both ranges, we're confident that our replacement trampoline pads are very much at the quality end of the spectrum. If you buy new pads from us, you will not need to replace them again. Our standard pads have a thick PVC material on the top side and use a tough grade of PE on the underside whilst the Premium pads have use very thick PVC on both the top and bottom. As well as having strong outer covers, both padding ranges are very thick and very wide so offer exceptional protection should the user fall on to the pads. They will fully cover both the springs and framework and come complete with strong ties to attach them to the trampoline frame.

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