Trampoline Pads

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Trampoline Pads

Trampoline pads attach and sit on the outer edge of the trampoline, covering the trampoline springs. Trampoline pads cover the whole circumference as well as hanging down slightly to guard the edge to protect the user. Trampoline pads are the most common replacement part for trampolines.

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Pads for Trampolines

Checklist for buying replacement trampoline surrounds / pads.

Size: Replacement trampoline pads are available in a small number of sizes. Trampoline pads are made to match your existing trampoline. The most popular trampoline sizes are 8ft trampolines, 10ft trampolines, 12ft trampolines and 14ft trampolines. Choose the trampoline pads which match the size of your outdoor trampoline.

Replacement pads for trampolines come in a small number of sizes, these are:

- 8ft trampoline pads
- 10ft trampoline pads
- 12ft trampoline pads
- 14ft trampoline pads

Thickness: Replacement trampoline pads are sold in a variety of different thicknesses. As trampoline pads are used to protect the trampoline bouncer, it is recommended to buy the thickest trampoline pad to ensure utmost protection is going to be provided.

Replacement surrounds for trampolines are usually sold in the following thicknesses:

- 20 mm / 2 cm / 0.79 inches
- 25 mm / 2.5 cm / 0.98 inches
- 30 mm / 3 cm / 1.19 inches

Warranty: Trampoline pads face wear and tear more than any other trampoline part. Buying a trampoline pad with a lengthy guarantee will give you added piece of mind if your trampoline pad should become defective.

Find the correct surround and buy trampoline pads online. Choose a trampoline pad that is going to last and absorb all the wear and tear caused by people bouncing and having fun on the trampoline.